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Children's Ward

Paediatric Unit

Visiting Hours: 
Between 7.30am – 8.00pm.
Rest Period: 
Between 1.00pm – 2.00pm,
parents and immediate family only.
The Children's Ward caters to Children aged newborn to late teens. Medical staff included two Staff Paediatricians and an Advanced Trainee
in Paediatrics. There are eight beds in total and two isolation rooms. One parent is permitted to stay next to their child overnight in a fold out
bed or recliner chair. A parent who stays is provided with a light breakfast and breast feeding mothers are provided with all of their meals.
There is a tea/coffee room for parents as hot drinks are not permitted in the ward area.
There are many activities available for children to do when they are well enough. The ward has a Nintendo Game Cube and a Play Station 2, many videos and DVD’s, books, puzzles, and painting items. Almost every bed has its own TV/DVD equipment.
There is a Parent Room adjacent to the Children's Ward, that has a sofabed, ensuite, television and facilities for tea/coffee.
The Ward also has a Paediatric Outreach Program, which allows the follow up and where necessary treatment of patients that have presented
to the Emergency Department or have been discharged from the ward. This enables inpatients to be discharged earlier under the supervision
of their doctor and with the agreement of the parents. The nursing staff then follows up the child through telephone calls to the parents until
staff are satisfied that the child is fully recovered. Where required the child’s bed is kept open to enable parents to bring their child straight
back if they become worried. The program operates 24 hours, 7 days per week.
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